Bosanski Petrovac Municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina
No: 01/1-1-25-9771-UP-1/16


The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter referred to as “the Borrower”) has received a loan from the European Investment Bank - EIB (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) and a grant from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (hereinafter referred to as “SIDA”) –- towards the cost of the project Water and Sanitation Federation BiH. This International Invitation for Tenders relates to the contract for the Design and Construction of Bosanski Petrovac Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Bosanski Petrovac promoted by the Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, FBiH (hereinafter referred to as “the Employer”).

The contract will include:

  • Preparation of design documentation as required by the Employer to obtain necessary approvals and permits for the construction and commissioning of the works.
  • Construction of the WWTP (capacity 5,000 PE) including testing, start-up and trial operation
  • Supply, installation and testing of all mechanical and electrical equipment.

This Contract is expected to commence in March 2017 with the period for completion of 15 months.

Qualification Criteria

To be qualified for the award of the contract, Tenderers must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

1.        Annual Turnover                            

The Tenderer shall have an average annual turnover as prime contractor or partner in JVCA (defined as billing for works in progress and completed) over the last 5 (five) years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 inclusive) of not less than EURO 1.8 million equivalent.

2.         Financial Capacity

The Tenderer shall demonstrate that it has access to, or has available, liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and other financial means sufficient to meet the construction cash flow for the contract for a period of 4 (four) months, estimated as not less than EURO 700,000 equivalent, taking into account the applicant's commitments for other contracts.

3.         Experience

The Tenderer shall demonstrate:

a) that it has successfully gained experience under contracts in the role of contractor or management contractor in the last five (5) years prior to the tender submission deadline, and with activity in at least nine (9) months in each year, and b) participation as contractor or management contractor in at least 2 (two) wastewater treatment plant design and construction projects within the last five (5) years, each with a value of at least EURO 1,100,000 (one million, one hundred thousand), that have been successfully and substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed Works. The similarity shall be based on the physical size, complexity, methods/technology or other characteristics.

Each of the WWTPs described in the above three reference projects shall have been designed for a capacity of minimum 3,000 population equivalent.

At least one of the WWTPs described in the above two reference projects shall have been based on flow-through activated sludge technology operated in extended aeration mode.

4.         Personnel Capabilities

The applicant shall demonstrate availability of suitably qualified and professional key personnel to fill the following positions. Each candidate shall meet the experience requirements specified below:

(Key personnel position – Total experience, years – In similar works, years)

  • Project Manager1510
  • Site Manager108
  • Process Engineer108
  • Mechanical Engineer105
  • Electrical-automatic and SCADA Engineer105

5.         Equipment

The tenderer shall own, or have assured access to (through hire, lease, purchase agreement, availability of manufacturing equipment, or other means), at least the following key equipment in in full working order and safe, and must demonstrate that, based on known commitments, the equipment will be available for use in the proposed contract.

(Main equipment – Minimum number required)

  • Mobile crane minimum 50 tonnes1
  • Excavators for the civil works 3
  • Mini excavator3
  • Tracked dozer2
  • Concrete trucks with conveyor bend and Concrete pumps3
  • Vehicles and Trucks5

6.         Litigation History

The applicant shall sign the Litigation History Form confirming that he is not involved in any current or past litigation or arbitration resulting from contracts completed or under execution by him over the last five years.

All firms are invited to participate in the tender.

Tender Evaluation

Evaluation of tenders shall be carried out in accordance with the European Investment Bank’s Guide to Procurement. The evaluation shall proceed in two steps (called the two-envelope procedure), each with a public opening.

Award Criteria

The Employer shall award the Contract to the Tenderer whose offer has been determined to be the lowest evaluated tender of all substantially responsive tenders to the Tender Document. Tenders not achieving at least 75 percent of the available Technical Evaluation marks will be considered non-responsive and, in such cases, the Financial Offer shall not be opened.

In case of the joint venture / consortium an agreement shall be signed confirming joint and several liabilities of all members for Contract performance.

Interested eligible Tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at the following office:

Contact person: Mr Huse Jukic (Head of PIT)

The Project Implementation Team (PIT)
Bosanski Petrovac Municipality
Tel: +387 61 165 404 / +37 883 609
Fax: +37 881 012;
Email: Ova e-maila adresa je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli.


Tender documents may be purchased on the submission of an application to the Bosanski Petrovac Municipality office (see address below), and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of EURO 300 or equivalent in a convertible currency. The methods of payment will be as follows:

(a)   For payment within Bosnia and Herzegovina in BAM: Payment will be done through Bosna Bank International Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina account no.1414775320009644 in favour of The Municipality income code: 722612, Municipality: 011, budget organization: 0000000, reference number: 01/1-1-25-9771-UP-1/16 indicating purchase of Tender Document for the “Design and Construction of Bosanski Petrovac WastewWater Treatment Plant”.
  1. For payment in a freely convertible currency from abroad: Payment in a freely convertible currency will be done through intermediary bank KBC BANK NV BRUSSELS BELGIUM SWIFT code: KREDBEBB, account with institution /Bosna Bank International Sarajevo, SWIFT code:BBIBBA22XXX, Beneficiary customer: IBAN: BA391414775320009644 indicating purchase of Tender Document for the “Design and Construction of Bosanski Petrovac Wastewater Treatment Plant

Upon receipt of appropriate evidence of payment of the non-refundable fee, the documents will promptly be dispatched by courier; however, no liability can be accepted for their loss or late delivery. In addition, if requested, the documents can be dispatched electronically after presentation by the prospective Tenderer of an appropriate evidence of payment of the non-refundable fee. In the event of discrepancy between electronic and hard copies of the documents, the hard copy shall prevail.

A Bid Security of EURO 25,000, or its equivalent in a freely convertible currency, must accompany all bids.

All bids must be delivered in closed sealed envelopes bearing the mention “Bid for Design and Construction of Bosanski Petrovac Wastewater Treatment Plant” not later than 20.01.2017, 14:00 local time to the address given below. Bids will be opened immediately in the presence of Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend.

The address referred to above is:

Bosanski Petrovac Municipality
Bosanska 110
77250,Bosanski Petrovac
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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